CH, LLC is a offers digital billboards in the north metro on 35W in Blaine, MN. We create digital billboard ads and offer graphic design services for our billboards.


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The first company on earth that innovatively merged Facebook ad targeting and Digital Billboards! Are you ready to for your clients to get results?

Our digital billboards and services will help you get noticed on the highway by our innovative advertising creative tactics and enticing copy. Check out our amazing free services that are exclusively available for our digital billboard clients.

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One of the most effective ways to help your clients create brand awareness is through digital billboards. Our larger than life billboards are full sight on roadways where consumers are not distracted by mobile devices. Printed ads and those on traditional media such as TV and radio can be tuned out and overlooked, but not our digital billboards.
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A study carried out by research group Nielsen indicates that 75% of those who saw an ad on a digital billboard remembered it one month later and 60% remembered seeing at least one over a week.

Digital billboards are cost effective in addition to offering other benefits. Ads on these displays can be changed every few seconds in a slideshow or with completely different graphics. Apart from capturing and holding attention with changing displays, there is the cost benefit and creative advantage of changing your display as often as you wish without the cost of having to put up another billboard.

Digital billboards also create brand awareness by streaming data as well as user-generated content from a website or social media pages in real time. Further savings come from the fact that digital ads are created and put up in a shorter time, which means returns start coming in faster.


There’s no question that a professionally well-written message is the key to getting your clients customers to remember your brand. Nothing is worse than content that falls flat! That’s why we offer free complimentary copywriting services to all of our clients. We invite you to put our writers to the test!
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Writing copy for a digital billboard, websites, and Facebook ads is tough; you have mere seconds to make a lasting impression when the viewer is driving 70 miles per hour, viewers only stays on a website for less than a minute or Facebooker is scrolling on their phone. That is why we use a formula known as KISSAM. KISSAM is short for Keep it Simple, Stupid and Memorable. People on the move don’t have the time to look at a billboard that requires them to figure out what it’s trying to say. They need to immediately comprehend and relate to a message so that they will remember it when making a purchasing decision.

Our professional copywriters always keep the following things in mind:

1) Your Clients Brand

2) Your Clients Demographic

3) Your Clients Uniqueness

4) Your Clients Product/Service

Hire us for your complementary copywriting needs, you will not be sorry!


Our talented team of onsite designers will act as one of your team members and create snazzy one-of-a-kind designs for your clients. If your clients need a banner, digital billboard advertisement, print materials or anything else... we will make it very profitable for you.
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We understand how to make the best designs for digital billboards.  An advertisement on a digital billboard runs for 7 to 10 seconds, it will grab attention or fail to do so in the first three seconds. We understand this, and CH, LLC will create a design for your clients advertisement based on best design principles and innovations known to this planet.

Composition is the first principle and addresses layout and giving your message visual priority. Our composition guideline is to communicate information piece by piece from introduction to a call to action following the hierarchy of communication.

Typography is the second principle in which we excel. It is about selecting easy to read typefaces. Large and bold fonts that are ideal is one of the LEGIBILITY FACTORS. As you can see, using all capital letters makes it harder to read text but can be valuable when used as an accent or to draw attention to key words. Our typography principle is using upper and lower case letters for long messages to address legibility factors like distance and a moving target audience.

Color is the third principle that we utilize better than the competition. We opt for rich, vibrant colors to ensure maximum impact. We also choose a color to evoke a particular emotion, and we use tonal contrast. Backgrounds are also a factor. We will often work with black backgrounds to create a striking contrast with other colors.

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